Managing tasks

Throughout my time in the games business I’ve used a number of project management tools: JIRA, Hansoft, Devtrack, Redmine, FileMaker Pro and even Excel! Each has their plus points (and some have a lot of negative points!) but they’re all usable as a task management and bug tracking tool.

At the moment I find Trello to be a marvellous tool to manage my tasks on the project. I like it so much that I actually use it to manage personal tasks and goals too. It’s really easy to set up a few boards and move cards from board to board – the fact that the mobile app is fast and stable makes it even better. There have been many times where, while out and about, something has popped into my head and I’ve quickly added it to the backlog from my phone. If you’ve never used it I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Bonus: it’s free!