AAA to Indie

Okay I suppose I’d better write something about what I’m doing….

I started working professionally as a game developer in the mid-90’s and decided to try my hand at going down the Indie route a little while ago. I’m still working full time at a development studio so this is very much a side project that I’m doing by myself (for the moment). I can honestly say I’ve had a lot of fun so far as it’s a big departure from working at a normal studio. Working on a team with many other people has its ups and downs. Almost everyone I’ve worked with has been very talented and passionate about games and the game we were making. However being part of a team means that you can’t (and shouldn’t!) get your own way about how the game is built and what the game plays like.

Working by myself has been very liberating in that I have been able to architect every piece of the software, created and tuned the game play mechanics and had to design and build levels from scratch. Normally I would leave level design to someone more competent at that sort of thing but I really wanted to try and make as much of the game myself for this project.  I will definitely need some help with textures and graphic design before I release it so expect everything to look more polished. Screen shots of my first game, “Codename: K.I.T.T.Y.” will be up shortly.